Get the motor up on the frame, get your chain on, you’re good.
Man to woman

She’s a Google doctor. She probably lives off of Web MD.
Three young women

I’ll be here tomorrow, THEN we’ll see what kind of man you are!
Two men

Hey! My job is way better than your trashcan!
Man to woman

That don’t mean me and your mom are together. We ain’t together and I ain’t your dad. I’m just her friend. You should just call me your big buddy.
Man to boy

I was so obvious out there today, holding my sign, even Stevie Wonder drove by and waved.
Man in fluorescent yellow shirt

The sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and then. I’ll fuckin take it.
Two men

I’m on the maintenance program but I don’t feel like that counts, really. I guess it’s something, though.
Two men

After six months they cut my food stamps and I said, “Fuck. Now I gotta start begging.”
Two men

I say that I’m a hippie but really I just do a lot of drugs.
Two young men