I just got back from court. They wouldn’t let me see the judge. Again! How do you think I feel? I feel unwanted, that’s how I feel.
Man smoking

I was on holiday so of course I said to top it off.
Two women

I ain’t an idiot. I ain’t going up to no violent criminals and saying I’m a drug dealer or nothin’.
Three men

Hey Bobby, guess what? I cancelled the card, ordered a new one, a total pain. And then I opened up my purse and there it was, right on top. Someone should just shoot me now.
Woman in cellphone

Dude, I don’t want to. I can’t afford that. Besides, it’s over before you know it.
Young couple

I stopped talking to a lot of people because, you know, a lot of people say they’re your friend but when you really need them they all fucking ghost.
Couple sitting on bench

When you use words like “affirming,” “comforting,” and “nurturing,” I want to punch you right in your god damned face.
Man to woman

I said that’s a nice phone. He said it’s for sale. 35 bucks. I was like fuck yes. Put it in the box, caught a charge. How’m I supposed to know it’s stolen, right? 35 bucks.
Three young women

Shelburne Farms is pretty boring, but I’ll go out there for the cheese.
Three teens on a bench

Friends like these

GIRL 1: What would you do without me?
GIRL 2: Well, I'd still have a boyfriend, for one.
GIRL 1: Yeah.