I love breakfast food, but it’s brunch time so we’re fucked.
Two women on a Sunday

With him being with Ted and leaving me, I can barely keep my shit together.
Man on cellphone

Three day weekends fuck me up.
Two young women

Yeah but if you get caught doing that shit someone’ll cut your tongue out.
Two young men

Sucks. All they had were morphines.
Woman at Ken’s Pizza

So if that’s what you think about it, then you can go fuck yourself.
Man on cellphone

Are we still even in Burlington?
Child holding woman’s hand

She giving bitches a bad name.
Two women

Well, I’m glad she’s breaking up with him. He’s a stupid grouch. And he’s still involved with Jolene.
Two women with yoga mats

Sure, she’s got a face tattoo, but it’s a classy one.
Two young men