Does Burlington ever remind you of “The Wonder Years”?
Just before the fireworks

16 and 19, man. He was 16 when he went to jail and 19 when he got out.
Two young men

The police are the number one terrorist in America.
Man on bench yelling at two women passing by

Yo, what up, boss? I got three fifty. What kinda bangin lunch can I get for that?
Man at Bluebird Coffee Stop

I got an air mattress and a full size mattress. The only thing we can’t do is block the fridge.
Two men smoking cigarettes

No one in Burlington, Vermont thinks I’m a bitch because I was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York.
Two men

You can do that but you gotta go to jail first.
Man on cellphone

I was at a bar yesterday. Some folks from the Turning Point show up. I said, “Aw shit. Ain’t this ironic?”

I was just going to the bathroom in that place and they gave me some free shit, so here, you can have this. Eat it, whatever.
Woman handing a to-go container to two men asking for spare change

I kinda went over it yesterday and I realized my childhood fuckin sucked.
Man to woman